Man shot twice in the rear end, Washington Park police looking for shooter

A 21- year-old man was shot twice from a passing car in Washington Park Sunday.

He was taken to a St. Louis area hospital for treatment of wounds in his buttocks. A person of interest was taken into police custody by the Illinois State Police and is being held at the St. Clair County jail.

“He is not the driver of the vehicle. Police are still looking for the driver,” said Washington Park Police Chief Allen Bonds.

Washington Park police were riding in the area of 59th Street and Forest Avenue about 11 p.m when they heard screams from the direction of 58th Street, Bonds said.

When officers went to the 2200 block of N. 58th Street they found a man lying in the roadway near a blue Mercury Grand Marquis.

“He was screaming and yelling to the officers that he had been shot by the driver of the Mercury,” Bonds said. “He was saying please help me.”

The driver of the Mercury Grand Marquis struck the rear of the residence at 2230 N. 58th Street, “when he was apparently trying to get away,” Bonds said.

Five shell casings were recovered from the scene.

“We also collected a black wallet laying next to the driver’s side of the vehicle. When officers ran the vehicle plates, the contents of the wallet match the license plate information,” Bonds said.