Convicted sex offender charged in connection with sexual assault in Columbia

Patrick A. Gill
Patrick A. Gill

A man who is a registered sex offender in the State of Missouri has been arrested for criminal sexual assault by Columbia Police.

Patrick A. Gill, 43, of 601 Hickory Dale Drive in St. Charles, Mo., was arrested Monday by Columbia officers, Police Chief Joe Edwards said.

The charge is a Class 1 felony.

According to police, Gill is accused of sexual assault on Dec. 27 in Columbia. Details about the nature of the crime were not immediately available. A warrant was issued for Gill’s arrest Jan. 7 and Columbia investigators tracked him down Monday with the help of St. Charles, Mo., police.

According to the Missouri sex offender database, Gill was accused of possessing child pornography in September 2011 and was convicted in May 2013.