Missing hunter had warrant for his arrest when he disappeared

A search plane circles over a wooded area near Cahokia Tuesday in search of Christopher Stasiak.
A search plane circles over a wooded area near Cahokia Tuesday in search of Christopher Stasiak. Scott Wuerz

Police were looking for a Dupo hunter last seen Monday even before family members reported him missing.

According to St. Clair County court records, Christopher Stasiak had his license suspended and a warrant issued for his arrest with a $10,000, cash only bond.

The legal moves were made after Stasiak failed to pay $2,592.50 in court fees associated with a 2013 driving under the influence of alcohol case.

Stasiak pleaded guilty in January 2014 in exchange for two years of court supervision and promises to seek alcohol treatment and pay a fine and court fees.

Stasiak was last seen Monday afternoon when he was dropped off along Illinois 3 to search for game near Cahokia. He was armed with a bow and some arrows and had a tree stand with him. When he didn’t check in with family later that afternoon, they reported him missing.

First responders have searched the wooded area near Prairie DuPont Creek between the Prairies Golf Course and the Union Pacific Railroad tressle where Stasiak disappeared multiple times since Monday evening. They used a small plane with a thermal imaging camera extensively Tuesday while an army of local police and firefighters from as far away as Highland searched the woods.

Later boats were used to check a nearby canal. After one police tracking dog failed to find Stasiak Monday and Tuesday, a different tracking bloodhound was brought over from Missouri to take a shot at finding the hunter’s trail, according to St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency Director Herb Simmons.

Stasiak is described as a white male, 5-feet-9 and weighing 272 pounds. He was wearing cold weather camouflage hunting clothes and boots when he disappeared.