Jury hears testimony in double murder retrial of former Alorton mayor’s son

Mug shot of Randy McCallum Jr.
Mug shot of Randy McCallum Jr.

Washington Park Police Officer Kevin Raymer took a report of a 911 call reporting someone was being shot at and chased about 4:40 a.m. on Sept. 19, 2009.

Raymer went to the remote area to look for the caller, but he didn’t see anything. When he rolled down his window, there was silence.

Twenty minutes later, Raymer testified he was called back to the area. This time, the caller reported there were two dead bodies.

Raymer arrived and found Kevin McVay in the street with a gunshot to the head.

When the police dispatcher gave Raymer and his fellow officer the callback number for the distress call that came in earlier, they called it. Thirty feet away, a cellphone rang in the right hand of Charles Black, also dead from gunshots.

Black identified the man who was chasing him and firing on him, prosecutors James Piper and Debbie Phillips contend he named Randy McCallum Jr.

Twelve jurors will decide whether McCallum, 26, is guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

Illinois State crime scene investigator Curtis Eggemeyer testified Tuesday morning about photos he took at the crime scene, including shots of a cigarette butt found amongst spent shell casings. He also identified blood and tissue found on the rear of a gold Crown Victoria parked about six feet away from McVay’s body. In one of the photos shown to the jury, a hat lays near McVay’s body and a snack-sized bag of Doritos is near his left hand.

Under questioning from Rick Roustio, McCallum’s lawyer, Eggemeyer testified that he did not collect the Doritos or take a sample from blood on the car.

Eggemeyer testified that he collected the cigarette butt, a rifle found nearby, six shell casings and a live shell from the scene.

Roustio pointed out that Black and McVay were shot more than six times.

Eggemeyer also testified that he lifted 19 latent fingerprints from outside of the Crown Victoria.

The defense case is expected to get a boost on Wednesday when Anthony Moore will take the stand.

Moore signed an affidavit stating it was he who killed Black and McVay. According to the criminal complaint, the affidavit was delivered to Roustio by former Alorton Mayor Randy McCallum, Sr., who served a short federal prison sentence for corruption. After receiving the affidavit, Roustio questioned Moore at Menard Correctional Center where he is being held on an attempted murder charge. Moore is not eligible for parole until 2041.

“He told me that he did it,” Roustio has said.

Moore was later charged with obstruction of justice connected to that affidavit. Prosecutors said the affidavit was part of a plot to blame the Black and McVay murders on Moore.

At the time Moore was charged, Roustio told reporters that he believed that police and prosecutors listened to recorded phone calls of McCallum Jr., Moore and Domic R. Hood, who was being held with the two men in St. Clair County Jail on a rape charge. Hood and McCallum Jr. were also charged with obstruction of justice in connection to the affidavit.

McCallum’s first trial ended in a mistrial after one juror could not agree to a guilty verdict.

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