Local Arrests

Belleville woman beaten by three men who stole her car, son says

A Belleville woman is recovering from being severely beaten by three men who took her car, purse and phone, according to her son.

Joann Stephens was assaulted Thursday night near downtown Belleville when she was walking to her home after she had parked her car following a trip to the store, her son Marcus D’Addio said.

A Belleville Police Department spokesman could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

“Knowing my mom, she’s so gentle … if they would have approached her and said, ‘Give me your keys,’ she would have given her keys to them,” D’Addio said. “They didn’t have to be violent over it.”

Stephens, who is in her 50s and works as a home health care aide, suffered head and facial injuries and remained hospitalized Sunday, her son said.

D’Addio said the three men had walked past his mother. “Then she was hit with something in the back of her head,” he said.

D’Addio filed a Facebook post about what happened and that post was seen by Belleville City Councilman Scott Tyler, who is also a city firefighter.

Tyler then posted an item about the assault and robbery on his Nextdoor social media account on Sunday and asked if anyone had seen Stephens’ stolen PT Cruiser.

A short time later, he received a message from a woman that the car matching the description was on a parking lot in the 500 block of West Main Street. Tyler went there, spotted the car and called police, who had the car towed to the police department headquarters two blocks away.

D’Addio said the police department told him no arrests have been made. Also, he said a detailed description of the suspects was not available.