Toy gun brought to Belleville school for ‘show and tell’

A Belleville school district is urging parents to talk with their kids after a student brought a toy gun in for show and tell.

Harmony District 175 Superintendent Pam Leonard said in an email on Wednesday afternoon a elementary student brought a toy gun to Ellis Elementary School in Belleville for their classroom show-and-tell last week.

Ellis Principal Dave Deets sent an email to district parents Wednesday urging parents to talk with their kids to stress the importance of not bringing toy guns to school.

Deets said earlier Wednesday the toy was not a BB gun, and deferred all other questions to Leonard, who did not specify the type of toy gun involved.

The district’s student handbook specifies against any use or possession of firearms or “any other object that can reasonably be considered, or looks like, a weapon.” The district includes scissors in that statement.

Leonard said the district cannot, by law, discuss student discipline, but “we address this with students and their parents.”