$97.5K each: Belleville District 201 hires two administrators

Belleville East principal honors teacher at board meeting

Principal Jason Karstens spoke highly of longtime teacher Carol Harms, reading from several statements by fellow teachers and students.
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Principal Jason Karstens spoke highly of longtime teacher Carol Harms, reading from several statements by fellow teachers and students.

Belleville District 201 has made several administrative cuts over the years, said Superintendent Jeff Dosier, but on Monday night he had hires to discuss.

“Tonight I’m extremely happy and I see several faces that are relieved, to be able to recommend to the board that we hire for two new positions,” he said.

Two men, Malcolm Hill and Josh Lane, will each be coordinator of administrative services. Brian Mentzer, assistant superintendent, said each has a salary of $97,500.

Later in the meeting, Dosier made a recommendation to the board that the district join Belleville District 118 in a “community engagement process.” He said there is a sales tax issue in play, “I believe personally would be a great opportunity to provide property tax relief to our taxpayers.”

The sales tax would allow districts in approving counties to split income based on the enrollment in the county. Dosier suggested to the board that the district talk to residents.

“It can only be used on school facilities or to make bond and interest payments,” he said. He did not request an action item.

In the schools

▪ Jason Karstens shows the board a golden football, courtesy of the National Football League. He said a Belleville East graduate, Nathan Hodel, had played in a Super Bowl for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Because it actually says Belleville West on the football, we’ll share the honor ... we tried everything to get that fixed, but it says Belleville West on it,” Karstens said.

▪ Belleville East will have incoming freshman orientation at 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.

▪ Belleville West will have incoming freshman orientation on Jan. 20 and Jan. 25.

▪ Belleville East used last week’s late start professional development to learn more about Ruby Payne, which provides frameworks for understanding poverty.

▪ Andrea Gannon, director of the alternative education programs, reported that last semester’s grade distribution showed 72 percent of grades to be Cs or higher. “I think that’s our best numbers to date,” she said.

▪ Melissa Taylor, director of student services, said the state board of education is reporting there will be a test on science for the PARCC test. She said the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers picked high school biology for the subject, so schools know who they will test but still don’t know when.

▪ The board approved a new club and activity account for Belleville West, a Spanish Honor Society. Because it’s an honor society, it was not subject to needing a petition of interested students.