Spoiled milk discovered at one metro-east school

The superintendent of the Cahokia School District 187 said he responded immediately when he learned that some of the milk at Cahokia High School was reported to be spoiled Tuesday.

Superintendent Art Ryan said the milk’s expiration date was still good, and there was no way anyone could look through a closed box of milk and tell that it was spoiled.

“The milk was not opened and it was refrigerated. Somewhere along the line it went bad,” Ryan said.

The spoiled milk had the same expiration date as the rest of the milk.

“There is no foolproof way I can look at a closed carton of milk and say that is. No good,” he said.

Ryan said he spoke to the principal at the school and learned that no more than four or five cartons of milk went bad.

“To be perfectly honest with you, this could happen tomorrow or the next day when you have closed cartons. The only thing we can do is is to make sure they are properly refrigerated,” Ryan said.

He said he has not received any reports from students or parents about any student getting sick, and Ryan said he has not received any complaints.

Ryan said the milk originated from Reed’s Dairy, which figured out something was wrong and came out to replace them and missed one of the crates that had bad milk in it.

Reed’s Dairy is a carrier of Prairie Farms products.

About 900 students attend Cahokia High School.