Cop was acquitted for punching men in bar fight. Then he was in another one, police say

Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo, left, was found not guilty for punching two men in a bar fight back in December.
Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo, left, was found not guilty for punching two men in a bar fight back in December. Screenshot from Chicago-Sun Times reporter Sam Charles' Twitter

Just after escaping charges in a bar fight, a Chicago police officer got into another one, police say.

On Tuesday, Robert Rialmo was found not guilty for punching two men during an altercation in a bar in December.

Rialmo — who also fatally shot two people in 2015 and has since been on desk duty — argued that he punched the men in self-defense after one of them grabbed his jacket, according to The Associated Press.

A prosecutor pushed back against that argument, saying “this isn’t a bar fight, your honor. This is a bar attack.” The judge eventually cleared Rialmo of the two counts of misdemeanor battery that he faced in the incident, The Associated Press reported.

But it didn’t take Rialmo long to get into another bar fight, police say.

The officer was kicked out of a Chicago bar called Teaser’s Pub along with two other men just days after the ruling, police confirmed to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Sun-Times that the trio were “mutual combatants” after they got into “something physical” next to a taco restaurant. No charges were filed in the fight early Friday morning.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is looking into Rialmo’s actions, according to WLS, and police say they have launched an internal investigation.

Rialmo, who said he wants to remain with the Chicago Police Department, spoke to media outside the courtroom after a judge ruled in his favor on Tuesday.

“I can say that I’ve been put in some pretty bad situations that many guys wouldn’t have been able to get out of safely,” he said, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. “I feel . . . I’m lucky for that matter.”

Rialmo shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier, a 19-year-old holding a bat, and Bettie Jones, a neighbor at the scene, in December 2015, according to the Chicago Tribune.

LeGrier’s family sued, the newspaper reported. Jurors ruled Rialmo was justified for shooting the teen as he approached him.

The city of Chicago and Jones’ family reached a $16 million settlement, The Associated Press reported.

A police board has not yet decided whether to fire Rialmo because of that shooting.

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