‘Sickening’ video shows food stand employee spit on pizza at MLB game, co-worker says

During a Major League Baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers on Friday, at least one pizza at the ballpark appeared to be cooked up with spit.

Officials with Detroit Sportservice said in a statement that they closed down a food stand at Detroit’s Comerica Park after Quinell May Jr. — identified as “Nell” on Facebook — posted a video that he said shows an employee at the ballpark spitting in a pizza, WXYZ reported.

“We immediately closed that food stand (on Friday) and disposed of all the product,” the statement read. “Food safety is our top priority and we will take any appropriate action necessary to protect our guests.”

In a Facebook post that accompanied the video, May, who worked at the food stand, wrote that the employee was upset that a supervisor had yelled at him. The employee decided to spit in the pizza as payback, May wrote, and didn’t care he was being recorded.

May wrote that he then went to the bathroom — but his supervisor accused him of taking too long and asked him to leave for the day.

“They wouldn’t let me talk to get the chance to tell them what was going on,” he wrote. “So with them being so mad they made me clock out and walked me to the gates and watched me out the park.

“So when I got home I immediately posted the video to inform the customers what was happening to their food.”

The video shows the employee, who has not been identified, drop a large glob of spit on dough before spreading pizza sauce on top.

May said posting that video on social media got him fired, according to KRON4. WXYZ reported that it hasn’t received a response to questions about May’s firing.

At least one person believes they might have munched on the pizza mixed with saliva. A woman named Lynette Roberts said she ordered a meat pizza at the game and that May, her former neighbor, messaged her on Facebook about the tainted meal, according to WWJ-AM.

“It’s so sickening to think about,” Roberts said, the outlet reported. “I’ve literally been sick the whole time. That’s the nastiest thing you can do is to spit on someone or something.”

The employee in the video has since been fired, according to WWJ-AM, and Roberts said she is filing a police report about the incident.

Despite the alleged backlash from his supervisor, May wrote that he couldn’t keep the disgusting video a secret.

“I’m not gonna just sweep it under the rug,” he wrote on Facebook. “Imagine if it was you or your family member who ate that pizza.”