Firefighters reach into a California storm drain — and pull out a baby deer, video shows

The noise echoing from a storm drain in Pacifica, California, on Wednesday morning sounded like a meowing cat to one neighbor who heard it, KTVU reports.

But the sound was coming from a baby deer trapped in the drain, video shows.

North County Fire Authority firefighters and Pacifica police officers worked together to rescue the fawn, which gently squeaked as authorities tried to maneuver its body out of the drain on the side of a road. Authorities later shared a one-minute video of the rescue on Twitter.

Rescuers said they spent around 10 minutes trying to free the fawn, which was only a couple of days old, NBC Bay Area reports.

Firefighters said an adult deer seen nearby was believed to be the baby’s mother, but it seems the mother might have rejected the fawn — in which case the rescued animal will be cared for by the Peninsula Animal Shelter, according to NBC.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard of something like this,” police Capt. Joe Spanheimer said, according to KTVU. “It’s a nice feel good story.”

The fire department’s help was instrumental in getting the cover off the storm drain so rescuers had easier access to the trapped animal, KTVU reports.

Once the rescue was over, an officer and firefighter posed for a quick photo with the baby animal.

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