Driver of stolen golf cart mows down people at food festival, Colorado police say

A food festival in Colorado took a dangerous turn after police say the driver of a stolen golf cart ran down several people this weekend.

It was food and fun as usual at the Chile and Frijoles Festival in Pueblo on Saturday until police say someone stole a golf cart and ran over festival-goers, KKTV reported.

Witnesses told police two men were in the golf cart when it slammed into an “elderly” woman and dragged another woman several feet, KXRM reported.

Police say the driver tried to escape after the crash, but was ultimately arrested, KOAA reported.

According to KKTV, one woman suffered a broken arm, and reports say anywhere from one to several people were hospitalized due to their injuries.

Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to contact the Pueblo Police Department, KXRM reported.

The annual Chile and Frijoles Festival draws thousands of visitors who wish to “pay homage to Pueblo’s best-loved crop: green chilies,” according to the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

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