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Mike Bost says a government shutdown is worth the fight over border security

U.S. Rep Mike Bost on compromise border plan

U.S. Rep Mike Bost talks about potential shutdown and compromise border security plan.
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U.S. Rep Mike Bost talks about potential shutdown and compromise border security plan.

With a potential partial government shutdown looming, U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, shared his thoughts on whether it was right to have more money for a border wall as President Donald Trump has called for.

On Tuesday, after speaking at a news conference on metro-east levee work, Bost said he didn’t have the details on the compromise spending plan.

“We believe it is a halfway point over the $5 billion in comparison to what was out there out already,” Bost said. “If we get tothe halfway point, we move forward. The administration believes they then could use other means. Understand it’s not going to be spent overnight, so it is a case where they can start making an investment into border security.

“Remember, I don’t use the word wall, because I know good and well sometimes it’s a triple fence, sometimes it’s a case you don’t need it because the wall that’s already in place is the Rio Grande, it’s 110-foot tall, the cliff there. But it is a wise investment into making sure we can channel anyone who wants to seek an opportunity to come into this country through the pathways and gates that will be open to them.”

But is it worth shutting down the government over a border wall controversy?

“Yes it’s worth it, if you ask if it’s worth a shutdown, in comparison to keeping the border secure,” Bost said. “If you don’t keep the border secure, now all of a sudden, the cost is going to cause other shutdowns, in life and danger to our citizens. We’ve got to protect the border. When we raise our hands for our pledge and what we will do to defend the constitution, securing the border is one of them.”

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