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New Athens, Mascoutah, Lebanon employees added to the Public Pay Database

The 2018 salaries and wages for employees in three St. Clair County cities have been added to the Belleville News-Democrat’s Public Pay Database.

Salary and wage records for 2018 — the latest figures available — for Lebanon, Mascoutah and New Athens were obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests to the municipalities.

The highest-paid employee in Lebanon in 2018 was Penny Zimmerman, the water and sewer superintendent. Zimmerman earned $84,222 according to records. Part-time Mayor Rich Wilken earned $5,760.

In Mascoutah, Police Lt. Kevin McGinnis was paid $112,000 last year before dying in September, records say. Mascoutah Mayor Gerald Daugherty was paid $9,600 in 2018.

In New Athens, Public Works Superintendent Tyler Liefer was paid $60,654, making him the village’s highest paid employee, according to the records. New Athens Mayor Richard Klein was paid $2,640.

The BND’s Public Pay Database goes back to 2011 with information obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests. The salary information does not always include insurance or benefits. Some records include detailed information on overtime and other pay, while for some districts that information was not readily available.

The database includes worker compensation in most local governments, including cities, counties, townships, school districts and local colleges and universities.

To look up people in the BND’s Public Pay Database, go to https://www.bnd.com/publicpay.