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St. Clair County Board candidates square off in primary election

There are competitive elections set in seven St. Clair County Board districts in Tuesday’s primary election. The winners of the primaries will go on to run as the nominees for their party in the general election on Nov. 8.

Fourteen names are on various county ballots, with 11 featured below. Three candidates — Harry Hollingsworth in District 2, Christine Eastern, in District 6, and Jacqueline Perkins in District 5, all of East St. Louis — are running for the Democratic nomination in their respective districts. They either declined to provide information or could not be reached for this report.

Here’s who’s on the ballot:

District 2

Candidate: Joan McIntosh

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired licensed practical nurse at Touchette Hospital

Town: Washington Park

Political Experience: Washington Park trustee for four years; County Board member since May 2013.

Why should you get the nomination? “I have fought very hard and I’m the one who go the first demolition program started in Washington Park, which should start in 2016. I have clean sweep come in here and help our neighbors carry out a lot of tons of debris and haul it away. I helped Washington Park police department purchase reliable cruisers and at a steep discount.”

District 5

Candidate: Lonnie Mosley

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired middle school counselor at Wyvetter Younge Middle School where he worked for 27 years

Town: East St. Louis

Political Experience: County Board member for 35 years

Why should you get the nomination? “Because I’ve been a good servant, I’ve been an excellent servant. If you check my attendance, I think my attendance is the best there is. I love it. I love helping people. I see myself as more of a humanitarian than a politician.”

District 6

Candidate: Roy Mosley, Jr.

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Former Public Works Director of East St. Louis

Town: East St. Louis

Political Experience: County Board member for seven years

Why should you get the nomination? “I think I’ve done a great job of presenting the issues that are relevant to East St. Louis. With the committees I sit on ranging from judiciary, to trustee, to transportation, I think I have made sure ... my district is represented well. I think my background in pharmaceuticals, and the four years in government service in East St. Louis, makes me well-suited ... to ask the right questions.”

District 14

Candidate: Bob Trentman

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Union laborer, local 459 in Belleville

Town: Unincorporated area near Belleville

Political Experience: County Board member for three years. Previously St. Clair Township trustee for three years.

Why should you get the nomination for your party? “I’ve worked extremely hard over three years, from Swansea, all the way to the other end of the district near Shiloh. I’ve supported Whiteside School. I’ve supported High Mount School. I support just about anyone who has come ask for help; any organization throughout the district I’ve helped out. I’m a big proponent of the operation Clean Sweep program throughout my district. We took away over 80 tons the first year from Swansea after I was elected. Since then we went through the unincorporated area and Belleville parks.”

Candidate: Jaynie Wells

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired AT&T project manager for information technology

Town: Swansea

Political Experience: Current St. Clair Township trustee

Why should you get the nomination? “I support open government and will be an independent Democratic voice. I do my own research and vote my conscience based upon what is best for all constituents. Many have offered to help finance my campaign, but I am financing it myself to ensure no political favors are expected if I win this election. I promise to represent the interests of all constituents – not look out for self-interests.”

District 15

Candidate: Bobby J. Deadmond, Sr.

Party: Republican

Occupation: Manager at Boeing for the F-15 Flight ramp

Town: Unincorporated area near O’Fallon

Politcal experience: None

Why should you get the nomination? “I think it’s time for a change in St. Clair County. I’m unhappy with the current property tax situation in O’Fallon. I moved into my house 15 years ago and started paying $2,000 a year in property taxes. Now it’s up to $8,000 a year. It’s like a second mortgage paying your property taxes.”

Candidate: John West

Party: Republican

Occupation: Retired Southwestern Illinois College mathematics professor

Town: O’Fallon

Political Experience: O’Fallon City Council member from 1999 to 2009, County Board member since 2009

Why should you get the nomination? “For the past six years, I have worked to improve the lives of families in District 15 by helping hundreds of homeowners reduce their property tax bill by an average of $1,000 through the appeal process, improve our county roads by getting the Troy-O’Fallon Road upgraded, and create economic opportunities by supporting the relocation of National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to help create jobs.”

District 25

Candidate: Jerry Nichols Sr.

Party: Republican

Occupation: Disabled gas plant operator

Town: Cahokia

Political experience: Current Cahokia village trustee for six years, and previously a Democratic precinct committeeman for eight years.

Why should you get the nomination? “I’ve been in Cahokia for 63 years, been married for 45 years. I deal with my people every day. I’m out every day … I’m just strong in my area. I’m with the (Freedom) Coalition now.”

Candidate: Ron Gerlach

Party: Republican

Occupation: Battery extracting operator for Proctor and Gamble

Town: Cahokia

Political Experience: Serves as a precinct committeemen. Has had unsuccessful runs for Cahokia mayor and trustee.

Why should you get the nomination? “I’m the only real Republican who’s really running. The rest are outcasts from the Democratic ticket, and they just wanted to run for vacancies in the Republican Party.”

District 26

Candidate: Larry Stammer, Jr.

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Gasfitter for Ameren Illinois

Town: Belleville

Political Experience: County Board member for 16 years and 20 years as a precinct committeemen.

Why should you get the nomination? “Because I’m standing up for honest government, and transparent government. I don’t vote the (Chairman Mark) Kern party line. I vote what’s best for my constituents.”

Candidate: Scott Tieman

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Laborer for Local 100, and works for Illinois American Water. Previously a laborer with Cahokia Commonfields

Town: Belleville

Political Experience: None

Why should you get the nomination? “It’s about the people of my district. They need someone they could go to and talk to about their concerns. I’m a people person, I enjoy listening to people. I really want to try to solve their problems anyway I can.”

Joseph Bustos: 618-239-2451, @JoeBReporter