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Recorder, County Board races challenged in Madison County primary

Incumbent Amy Meyer, left, and Shannon Bradford.
Incumbent Amy Meyer, left, and Shannon Bradford.

The Madison County primary election features incumbent Recorder Amy Meyer faced with a challenge from fellow Democrat Shannon Bradford, and several County Board races with two or even three candidates vying for their party’s nomination — in some cases, also challenging an incumbent.

Madison County Recorder

Candidate: Amy Meyer, 43, incumbent

Party: Democratic

Occupation: County recorder

Town: Edwardsville

Political Experience: Campaign volunteer since age 6, local and national candidates and active in Democratic organizations; one term as county recorder.

Why should you get the nomination? “Within my first term, I have served with a flawless record, working to increase technology, train and empower my staff and provide excellent service to our patrons, with expanded programs for seniors and veterans, all with measurable results and all within budget. This is why I am endorsed by AFSCME and the Democratic Party. I want to continue my service for Madison County.”

Candidate: Shannon Bradford, 33

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Attorney

Town: Edwardsville

Political Experience: Appointed as precinct committeewoman, former election judge

Why should you get the nomination? “I believe that Madison County needs full-time elected officials. Given my prior experience in the office, the office is personal to me. I believe it deserves and taxpayers deserve a full-time elected official and full-time recorder.”

Madison County Board

District No: 2

Candidate: Roger Alons, incumbent

Party: Republican

Alons declined to provide information for this story.

Candidate: Donald Moore, 58

Party: Republican

Occupation: School bus driver

Town: Troy

Political Experience: None

Why should you get the nomination? “To fight any kind of increased spending and expansion of local government within Madison County. The board has passed a ‘back-door referendum’ bypassing taxpayers to spend their money, not giving taxpayers the input and consent to spend dollars on a jail renovation. That vote was not opposed by my incumbent; he abstained for some unknown reason. To me, it’s career politicians who think they know better than the people.”

District No. 3

Candidate: Bill Meyer, 69 (incumbent)

Party: Republican

Occupation: Insurance agent

Town: Hamel

Political Experience: County board 15 years; previously six years mayor of Hamel, 12 years trustee of Hamel

Why should you get the nomination? “I have the experience, and in this day and age we’ve managed to keep the county coffers full and we’ve been able to lower the tax rates.”

Candidate: Philip Chapman

Party: Republican

Occupation: Retired Army and Federal Bureau of Prison chaplain, United Church of Christ

Town: Highland

Political Experience: Vice president of the Madison County Republican Party, precinct committeeman

Why should you get the nomination? I think we need to have greater transparency in government, lower taxes. Notably right now working on a petition to lower the general fund levy by 20 percent, and I haven’t had any trouble getting signatures for that. I believe there should be audits to identify and eliminate waste. I believe that this is responsible public policy because Madison County has $145 million amassed from excess revenue taxes.

Candidate: Rodney Dustmann

Party: Republican

Town: Worden

Dustmann could not be reached for information for this story.

District No. 6

Candidate: Raymond Wesley, 59

Party: Republican

Occupation: Executive director of Council of Owners and Construction Associates

Town: Alton

Political Experience: Former school board member in Bethalto

Why should you get the nomination? “As a small business owner, I’m concerned about the high cost of property taxes and want to make sure that businesses are both retained and attracted to the Madison County area.”

Candidate: David Baker

Party: Republican

Town: Godfrey

Baker could not be reached for further comment.

District No. 19

Candidate: Harry Briggs, 68

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired school superintendent

Town: Granite City

Political Experience: Former regional superintendent of schools

Why should you get the nomination? “I decided to run for this position because I feel that the people of District 19 need a stronger voice in Edwardsville. I think there needs to be more emphasis on District 19’s infrastructure. I am also in favor of a capital outlay freeze for the whole county to bring back some of the costs I see in county government. … I feel I have something to give to the public and that’s why I put my name out in front of the public.”

Candidate: Michael Charles Parkinson, 45

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Police sergeant with Granite City Police Department

Town: Granite City

Political Experience: President of the police union, deputy supervisor for Major Case Squad

Why should you get the nomination? “It’s time for new faces and it’s time for new ideas. It’s time for younger people to get involved and be the voice for the new generation. Being on the county board is not rocket science, it’s talking to people and finding out what their issues are.”

Candidate: Donna Davis

Party: Democratic

Town: Granite City

Davis could not be reached for further comment.

Other County Board and countywide races are not challenged in the primary but will face opposition in the November general election, including Democratic Chairman Alan Dunstan, who will face Republican Treasurer Kurt Prenzler.

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