Candidate Profile: Roy Mosley, Jr.

Roy Mosley, Jr.
Roy Mosley, Jr.

Name: Roy Mosley, Jr.

Age: 36

Immediate family members: David Mosley MD, Roy Mosley Sr.,

Occupation: Business Owner

Office sought: County Board Member District 6

Party affiliation: Democrat

Previous elected positions and years served: County Board member since 2008

Why are you running?: I would like to continue the progression made over the last 12 years and increase the investment in infrastructure in my community to spur economic growth in our region.

What is the biggest issue facing St. Clair County, and how should elected officials and county staff approach it?: It is my opinion that we need to highlight the assets that exist here in southern Illinois and seek out job creators that can bring the opportunities while providing the access to training that will be driven by demand by utilizing our community colleges to train the next generation of workers.

What are your views on MidAmerica Airport, and how should the county handle the future of the airport?: Our chairman has repeatedly provided the complete rationale for the necessity of MidAmerica Airport....Scott Air Force Base is our largest employer in the county and the continued support of our airport is essential to the viability and stability of our county and region.

What improvements do you want to see in how the county is run?: Our administrative staff does and outstanding job at managing services and while at the same time remaining fiscally responsible in lieu of budget restraints.

Do you plan to serve the full term of office?: Yes

Why should people vote for you?: During my tenure I have ensured that all resources that are available to my community are shared and understood to all who want to know. I have always tried to provide a realistic perspective that might not always be popular but directly impactful to the problems that exist. I run on results and if you look at my track record you can see it.