Candidate Profile: Ryan Stookey

Ryan Stookey
Ryan Stookey

Name: Ryan Stookey

Age: 38

Immediate family members: Wife, Elizabeth, daughter, Clara, son, Daniel, son, James

Occupation: Benefits Consultant

Office sought: St. Clair County Board Member - District 17

Party affiliation: Republican

Previous elected positions and years served: Stookey Township Trustee 2013-Present

Why are you running?: Having followed St. Clair County politics my entire life, I have always enjoyed talking with friends and neighbors regarding local issues. After being elected as a Trustee in Stookey Township in 2013, I have been asked numerous times, “Who is the County Board member in the area?” The gentleman never returns phone calls and you only see him at election time. I’m running to be the voice in district 17 and always be available to the residents.

What is the biggest issue facing St. Clair County, and how should elected officials and county staff approach it?: Transparency, is the biggest issue facing St. Clair County. Elected Officials should be open to where the money is going on a annual basis throughout the county.

What are your views on MidAmerica Airport, and how should the county handle the future of the airport?: We need to work as a team to make the best of MidAmerica Airport. The big decisions need to be brought before the county board.

What improvements do you want to see in how the county is run?: I want to see continued openness in each department throughout the county. Our tax dollars need to be working harder for us. We need to look for greater efficiencies and less waste.

Do you plan to serve the full term of office?: Yes, I plan to serve the full term and run for reelection in 2018.

Why should people vote for you?: I’m asking for your vote on November 8th, to bring a fair and open outlook to District 17. No rubber stamping allowed. Vote Stookey!