Candidate Profile: LaToya Greenwood

LaToya Greenwood
LaToya Greenwood mkoziatek@bnd.com

NAME: LaToya N. Greenwood

AGE: 42


OCCUPATION: Director of Human Resources, East St. Louis School District #189

OFFICE SOUGHT: General Assembly 114th District

PARTY: Democrat

PREVIOUS ELECTED POSITIONS: East St. Louis City Council, 2011-present

Q. Why are you running?

A. As State Representative of the 114th District, my number one goal will be to effectively communicate with my constituents so that I can be a strong voice in Springfield for the needs of our District. I understand that our state is facing serious challenges and it is important that we work together for solutions. In order to help improve the quality of life in our communities, I will be a strong advocate for job growth in our area while fighting to bring back funding from Springfield. I will also work hard to make our neighborhoods safer, improve educational opportunities for our children, and make government more accessible to the public. It will be a privilege and an honor to represent the 114th District and I am committed to always working on behalf of our communities’ best interest.

Q. The state recently passed a stopgap budget, but a long-term solution to budget issues has evaded the General Assembly and governor’s office. How should the state solve its budget issues?

A. Legislators should be working together toward compromise to develop a full-year budget and not focus on agendas that will negatively impact working families, but instead focus on a budget that improves the quality of life for all.

Q. Should the state raise income taxes, other taxes or fees, in order fix the budget issues? Why or why not?

A. I am not advocating for a specific tax increase, but I believe that a combination of new revenues and spending cuts will be necessary to remedy the budget issues.

Q. How can Illinois grow its economy?

A. To grow the economy we need to have a long-term plan for tax policy and spending policy. This will assist in how we retain and attract business in the State.

Q. How should the state solve its pension crisis?

A. Legislators should work on developing a fair and constitutional solution to pension funding by working with unions to offer proposals that include, but are not limited to, employees having a choice about their retirement benefits. I oppose any attempt to reduce or eliminate defined-benefit retirement plans for retirees. These benefits have been earned and they should receive it.

Q. How should the state approach funding of public education? Is the system broken? If so, how you would fix it?

A. I support a new school funding formula. A more equitable funding system that will take into consideration a District's local property tax wealth when distributing state funds, ensuring that funding is fair and equitable for all students.