Candidate profile: Kathy Goclan

NAME: Kathy Goclan

IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Husband, two married sons & five grandchildren

OCCUPATION: Insurance Agent- retired after 27 years

OFFICE SOUGHT: Madison County Board District 19



Why are you running for this office?

I feel my conservative views can make a difference bringing us in the 21st Century - taxpayers are burdened and we need to review and revise policy and procedures to cut cost.

What would be your top priority if elected or re-elected?

Reject the pension and benefits for part-time elected positions. Re-evaluate property taxes.

What other changes or improvements would you seek in this office?

Abolish cronyism - if your resume doesn't qualify you for a position then you shouldn't be appointed just because you're a friend. Also, if you retire from a government job within the county, city etc and you wish to pursue another job, it should be in the private sector and not the same entity you retired from - you are denying a younger person in the community an opportunity.

Madison County is considering a 5-cent cut to its property tax rate. Are you in favor? Why or why not?

Yes - I feel we have enough of a cushion - need to cut unnecessary spending.

Why should the voters elect you?

Integrity and honesty - regardless of party affiliation, I believe that when you are elected to a position, you should do what's right for the majority.