Candidate profile: Raymond Wesley

NAME: Ray Wesley

AGE: 60


OCCUPATION: Executive Director

OFFICE SOUGHT: Madison County Board Member



Why are you running for this office?

I would like to work on lowering property taxes in Madison County. These are people that have worked thier entire life, paid off thier homes and now have a tremendous burden paying enormously high property taxes just to be able to stay in them. I also would like to work to support existing businesses and also work on programs that will attract new business to the County. We need to be more proactive ensuring business owners have the help of County Leadership to successfully expand creating more jobs.

What would be your top priority if elected or re-elected?

I will work to lower property taxes for the citizens of Madison County. I will bring insight to the Board that will offer experience with budgeting and ensure money is spent wisely on necessary services provided by the County while maintaining existing services.

What other changes or improvements would you seek in this office?

I would like to see complete transparency in County finances. While there has been some progress made in that area, it is not complete transparency. I would like to see the use of back door referendums eliminated so taxpayer input is part of the process when making major spending decisions.

Madison County is considering a 5-cent cut to its property tax rate. Are you in favor? Why or why not?

Yes, I am in favor of the 5-cent reduction in the maximum tax levy. This referendum allows the citizens of Madison County to voice thier opinion on the high cost of property taxes in this county. They have been asked to carry the burden of extremely high taxes without being given the opportunity for input.

Why should the voters elect you?

I will be an advocate for the citizens of Godfrey and Madison County and I will not allow the pressure of politics to affect the best interests of the citizens.