Candidate Profile: Dan Barger

Dan Barger
Dan Barger

Name: Dan Barger

Age: 54

Family Members: Wife, Lynn Barger, children Ann Barger, Dan Barger Jr., Shelby Sandheinrich, Alex Sandheinrich, Luke Sandheinrich and Charlotte Barger.

Town: Belleville

Office seeking: Stookey Township Trustee

Occupation: Business Representative of the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: None.

Why are you running? For the past 30 years I have lived in or around Stookey Township. Over the years there have been many positive changes. New park and sewer plant are two great examples. As a new trustee I feel I can bring new ideas to the table to continue building a growing township.

What is your view on township government and its roles? The township board plays a very important role in the future of the community. There needs to be a committed team, working together to make sure we continue to maintain our roads, bridges and infrastructure. This will ensure that we are prepared for future growth.

If you were writing a job description for the position you are seeking, what would it say? As your trustee I assure you I will make responsible decisions on how your money is spent. This will take input from the township. I will make myself available and help get your message heard.

What is the most important issue facing Stookey Township? How would you approach it? Safety is my #1 concern. We need better lighting on our streets. I would propose an outreach to Ameren to see there are programs in place to help achieve this goal. Reaching out to our local police to build better relations is a must. Watch out for each other and report any suspicious activity.

Why should people vote for you? I have never run for public office and given the chance I will be your voice at the township and will work to make it a better and safer place to live, work and play. I will work with existing neighborhood watch programs and create new ones. This is the best crime prevention. Get to know our neighbors, be aware!