Candidate profile: Danny A. Kreher

Name: Danny A. Kreher

Age: 63

Immediate Family members: Mother Corrine Kreher; three grown children, Penny Feldt, Terry Kreher, Lorri Peterson; four granddaughters, Sierrah, Kailee, Briya and Blakelee

Town: Nameoki Township

Office seeking: Nameoki Township Supervisor

Occupation: Fire Chief with U.S. Steel

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: None

Why are you running? I have served this area for 40-plus years with the Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department. I have recently retired as Fire Chief and still have a desire to help the area residents.

What is your view on township government and its role? Townships are important in unincorporated areas. They provide a local government to assist taxpayers and act as liaison between other local and state governments.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? The Township Supervisor position is required to oversee all aspects of the Township, Manage Employees, appropriate and manage Budgets, and preside over township meeting, but most of all is to assist the taxpayers of Nameoki Township.

What is the most important issue facing Nameoki Township? How would you approach it? I believe the most important issue facing Nameoki Township is poor drainage and flooding. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do promise, if elected, to work with all neighboring governments to find a solution.

Why should people vote for you? I have served this community since I was 16 years old. I am honest, open minded, and a transparent candidate that will listen to the taxpayers and seek answers to their problems. I am the only candidate for supervisor that has not teamed up with other candidates within the township. I am truly the only Independent candidate for Nameoki Township Supervisor.