Candidate profile: Nick Raftopoulos

Nick Raftopoulos
Nick Raftopoulos

Name: Nick Raftopoulos

Age: 23

Immediate family members: Mother: Beth Raftopoulos, Father: Alex Raftopoulos, sister: Lisa Recer, brother-in-law: Shane Recer

Town: Granite City

Office seeking: Alderman Ward 3

Occupation: Full-time student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Currently serve as Precinct 14 committeeman since 2014

Why are you running? I believe it’s time for new leadership on the City Council. I’m young and I believe I would bring a new perspective to the problems facing Granite City.

What is the most important issue facing Granite City? How would you approach it? Since I’ve been going door to door and talking to people, the most important issue to them is having an Alderman that communicates with their constituents, and listens to the problems they are facing. To solve this, if elected I would hold town hall meetings in my Ward so that residents could voice their concerns.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? Must be able to devote time to listen and talk to the residents of your district. Must also understand what problems are facing Granite City, and have an idea of how to solve them.

How would keep costs down or reduce costs in your municipality? I think we need to bring property taxes down, and the reason for this is the number of people that are moving out of Granite City is high. To stop this, we need to bring in new businesses in the downtown area. Keeping people in Granite City and getting new people to move here I believe would help bring costs down.

Why should people vote for you? People should vote for me because I will be an Alderman that will fight for them every day, and I will always stay in contact with my constituents. I also have experience in representing people on a council. I served as Student Trustee at Southwestern Illinois College where I represented over 12,000 students on the Board of Trustees. During my time at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville I served as a Student Senator, where I represented political science and history students on the senate.