Candidate Profile: Antonio Johnson

Name: Antonio Johnson

Age: 44

Immediate Family members: Four

Town: East St Louis

Office seeking: East St. Louis Township Trustee

Occupation: Painter

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: First time running for office

Why are you running? I am running for office to make change to bring change to the city of East St. Louis in the poverty that we endure it is time to stop putting the same old people in there and not getting any results for the past 30 years it has been the same old thing it’s time out for the game called sorry it’s time out for the ugly and the bad it is time for the good not just for me before the people of East St. Louis it’s time to bring jobs back it’s time to get them going and trying to motivate the people not motivate yourself it’s time to make away for our citizens here in East St. Louis we have to give them something to look for like jobs economy and revenue for the city of East St. Louis this city has so much to offer but we need the right people in office to provide that for the citizens so therefore I say I Antonio Johnson with we the people party we going to bring that change help us to help you thank you.

What is your view on township government and its role? My township views are keep it up public records of all township meetings also keeping a record of all township spendings view to the public.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? Pretty much the same views as “Why are you Running?”

What is the most important issue facing East St. Louis Township? How would you approach it? First off I would approach the situation by eliminating the bad and the ugly so that way the township and the office will work for the favor for the people for the city for the citizens of East St. Louis.

How would you ensure township funds are appropriately spent? Well as for me and my team we will approach it quite fair will bring back some of the programs that were eliminated that worked very well for the township and as well for the citizens the spending will be a very tight budget but at the same time I want the budget that we will dedicate our hard-earned time and effort to make sure that what happened before would never happen again.

Why should people vote for you? Well people should vote for Antonio Johnson because for one I am a citizen East St. Louis long-term I am independent I’m not looking for the handout I’m looking to gif to back to the people what the citizens of East St. Louis been looking for from there township the help that the citizens been looking for from their township and that’s why they should vote for me Antonio Johnson as East St. Louis Township trustee.