Candidate Profile: Richard Donovan

Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan

Name: Richard Donovan

Age: 66

Family: Debora-wife, Brent-son, Cara-daughter, Ashley, Logan and Kylee- grandchildren.

Town: Caseyville.

Office Seeking: Caseyville Township Supervisor.

Occupation: Retired from public building commission.

Previous Offices: Caseyville Township Trustee 2013-2017.

Why I am running? Township government needs leadership willing to work with it’s residents and seniors. Someone to improve on available activities and services for our seniors. Someone who will initiate a township youth involvement program. We need to work more closely with other community leaders to bring about new ideas for our residents and seniors. The original concept of a township government was to assist it’s residents in a vast array of services and activities, not just sit around and collect a wage. The township needs to reach out to it’s residents and let them know we are there and what we have to offer them.

What is your view on township government and its role? Township government is a resident’s government, conceived and supported by it’s residents. We are there for not only our residents, but more importantly, our seniors and our township residents who are in need of some assistance in the form of monthly assistance if they qualify. The township offers an array of free services for our residents and we are the government of the people and are there for them.

What is the most important issues facing Caseyville township? How would you approach it? I think we have two extremely important issues facing this township right now. 1. Our seniors, we dearly need to improve on the activities and services for them. We need to offer functions like “movie day” for our seniors. Myself and two other trustees, Jim Lemansky and Don Christmore were successful in getting a large screen entertainment system installed in the senior center but Supervisor Bruce Canty has refused to go any further with it. We need to reach out to the seniors and youths of our township to let them know what we have to offer them. 2. Fiscal responsibility has always been an on-going issue, we need a supervisor who is willing to adhere to resolutions and work with the board 3. We must get our sewer tap in fees under control if we are to improve on our community development, tap in fees for residents has approached $2,500 and is beyond reach for the majority of our residents. Tap in fees for business development has gotten to the point where most business developers now think twice about doing business in Caseyville township. Before anything can be done about these issues, you need a supervisor and board who are willing to work toward the same goals.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? A supervisor must maintain a high level of fiscal responsibility to it’s residents. He must be willing to work with his board to solve problems, not add to them. He must be able to work with the residents and seniors and seek advice on ways to improve on services and activities, not sit back and ignore them. He must be able to maintain a well balanced budget while still being successful in maintaining township property and infrastructure. Must be able to work collectively with local community and municipal leaders and have a good relationship with labor. Nothing ever gets done without work, and a supervisor must be willing to do just that.

Why should people vote for you? When I ran for trustee in 2013, I made promises to the residents and have made good on all of them. I have given my heart and soul to the position of trustee and have uncovered many wrong doings and have made great strides in correcting those issues that have been going on for many years. I will continue to work and solve issues facing this township and with trustees who are willing to work hard with me, there is nothing we cannot accomplish for our residents. I look forward to serving our residents in this capacity and they can expect only the best from me, exactly what they deserve.