Candidate profile: Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore

Name: Ryan Moore

Age: 31

Immediate family members: Wife and daughter

Town: Belleville

Office seeking: Treasurer

Occupation: Bank manager

Why are you running? I believe it is time for someone with a real world background and real world experience to come into this position and run it the right way. Currently, our treasurer had no previous experience dealing with finances of this level much less and education to assist in knowing how to properly run this position.

What is the most important issue facing the city of Belleville? How would you approach it? I think the most important issue we have right now is the way our money is being spent without any recourse. We pay for a lot of people and services that may not be necessary because they could be combined into one function. In example, we currently have a bank that only houses our accounts, one bank that does our loans, a person that does our bond work, and a company that does our merchant services, just to name a few. If I am elected, I plan to review those relationships because I believe we can find one institution that can handle many things for the city for a fraction of what we pay now were we to bid it out.

What are your qualifications to lead the treasurer’s office? I have a bachelor’s degree from McKendree University in business administration, a masters from Lindenwood University-Belleville in business administration, 13 years of experience in banking, six years of experience in management, and 10 years experience doing basic account work for my father’s former company Mid America Car Service.

What are your plans to improve operations in the treasurer’s office? I will go in on day one and do a review of everything that is going on currently. I will sit down with each employee and see what they do for the office. I will look for potential wasteful spending and eliminate it on day one. I will also begin the process of finally updating the hardware and software we use in the city. We are using very outdated systems that run higher risks of security breaches because they are antiquated. It’s time the city comes into the 21st century and take care of its citizens and employees first when it comes to how things are run. I will also allow my staff to do their jobs without fear of retaliation from the current treasurer or mayor.

Why should people vote for you? People should write me in for treasurer because it’s time for a change at the top. Our current mayor has been in his position for too long and our current treasurer had no intentions on keeping this position and now is working with the mayor and wanting to keep his job because he thinks he can do a good job. We need more transparency and less micromanagement and with Dean Hardt, all you will get is four more years of micromanagement and no changes in the way things are being done.