Candidate profile: William “Bill” Wilson

William “Bill” Wilson is a candidate for the Freeburg School District 77 board.
William “Bill” Wilson is a candidate for the Freeburg School District 77 board.

Name: William “Bill” Wilson

Age: 49

Home: Freeburg

Family Members: Spouse and one child (high school student)

Office you are seeking: Freeburg Community High School District 77 School Board Member

Why are you running? To help establish a strategy, in order to improve student success, be accountable and fiscally responsible for our actions as an elected body to our stakeholders and provide honest two-way communication with the community we were elected to serve.

What is the most important issue facing Freeburg District 77? How would you approach it? Lack of leadership: Everything begins and ends with effective board leadership. Whether the district faces academic, financial, or communication challenges, leaders must actively identify, plan, communicate, implement and evaluate solutions.

What are your views on the high school’s mascot? I wholeheartedly support the mascot. As one of the organizers of the rally to “Save the Midget,” I firmly believe the mascot is a time honored tradition and source of pride within our community. Over seven decades of FCHS graduates have looked toward the mascot as a source of pride, sportsmanship and school honor.

Why should people vote for you? Vision, energy and leadership: I will bring fresh eyes, new energy and committed proven leadership to the school board. I will always make decisions that are in the best interests of our students and their ability to compete in a more diverse economy, and employ best practices from the private and public sectors, where appropriate.