Candidate profile: Victoria Staub

Victoria Staub is a candidate for the Freeburg School District 77 school board.
Victoria Staub is a candidate for the Freeburg School District 77 school board.

Name: Victoria L. Staub

Age: 48

Home: Millstadt

Please list your immediate family members: Two high school daughters and one elementary school daughter

Office you are seeking: Freeburg High School District 77 School Board

Occupation: Owner and Teacher of Country Acres Home Day Care and Preschool

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: None

Why are you running? I am running for several reasons: to improve accountability to the students, their families, the teachers and the communities of FCHS; to build brighter futures of the students; and to increase community engagement. I have been attending board meetings and committee meetings since July 2015 and will continue that dedication. I have observed the current board and I do not believe they are prepared for the challenges that face the district.

What is the most important issue facing Freeburg District 77? How would you approach it? The most important issue facing District 77 are finances. FCHS was placed on the State Financial Watch list this year and this is a huge concern for me as a parent and a taxpayer. I would approach this issue by taking a line by line look at the budget, both revenue and expenses. I would engage the underutilized finance committee to find ways to save on expenses and increase revenue without increasing taxes.

Should a school district’s teacher demographic mirror that of its student demographic? Why? I believe that the best qualified person who meets the needs of the students and the district should be hired for the position regardless if they mirror the student demographic.

What are your views on the high school’s mascot? I am an alumnus of Freeburg High School and am very proud of my Mighty Midget mascot and the rich history behind it.

Why should people vote for you? I believe the students of FCHS are our most precious asset. The world they will grow up in will most certainly be challenging in ways that we cannot even conceive at this point in time. It is our job to give them a solid educational base, fostering the very best in all of them and contributing to their continued success. As a board member, I will listen to and investigate all information available, from every source, on an issue before I form an opinion and cast my vote. I will make sure FCHS tax payers know their tax dollars are being spent and accounted for responsibly.