Candidate profile: Michael Vrabec

Name: Michael Vrabec

Age: 58

Home: Madison

Immediate Family Members: One son.

Office I am seeking: 3rd Ward Alderman, City of Madison

Occupation: Legal Secretary III, Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office Child Support Enforcement/Services Division

Elected Offices and terms served: 3rd Ward Alderman for the past 28 1/2 years (seven terms); Nameoki Township No. 2 precinct committeeman (three terms).

Why are you running? Because I truly care about the city and its future direction. I’m a life-long resident and have had the privilege of serving the city for the past 28 1/2 years as the 3rd Ward alderman. I’m very proud of the accomplishments the city has made over the past years. I will continue to work with the mayor and fellow council members to see the city remain fiscally responsible, united in wanting, clean, safe, quiet neighborhoods for both young and old, continue to work at bringing new business opportunties and that the city continue to provide excellent services from all the city departments.

What is the most important issue facing the City of Madison? How would you approach it? Seeing that city has the ability to continue to be viable and fiscally responsible even with the uncertainty of state and federal mandates that are unfunded. I will work with the mayor and fellow council members to see that we continue the wise and legal use of our tax dollars.

If you were writing a job description for the position you are seeking, what would it say? As an alderman you must be able and willing to give of your personal time. You will be required to not only attend the many regular city council meetings but also any special council meetings that may be called, committee meetings, zoning hearings, public hearings, presentations and city functions. Aldermen must also be willing to serve on any committees the mayor may appoint you to in addition to the ability to work with your fellow aldermen, department heads and the good workers of the city. As an alderman, you will also be called upon to make tough decisions ranging from personnel matters to fiscal matters

How would you keep costs down or reduce costs in your municipality? That realistic budgets and appropriations are passed and that each city department lives within those budgets. The city, when possible, continue the use of training programs to ensure proper training, whether safety, diversity, ethics, etc., as these programs help ensure and reduce the city’s insurance costs. That tax dollars are continued to be used legally and wisely with containing to bring in new investment and opportunity.

Why should people vote for you? I’m a life-long resident, home and property owner who continues to invest in my home and property. I know many of the families, business people and individual residents and I feel I have a true sense of the needs and directions of the city. I’ve been a dedicated and honest public servant for 36 years with the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office Child Support Division and the Madison County Circuit Clerk Office collectively while serving as the 3rd Ward alderman for the past 28 1/2 years. I’m educated, knowledgeable, and experienced in accounting, financial and computer operations and principals. My full-time job and alderman’s position have allowed me to work with man state, county, local officials, agencies and business representatives which have helped in negotiating and securing development for the city. I have a good understanding of our aldermanic form of city government and am able to get my thoughts and ideas across in a fair and diplomatic way. I’ve been able to work with Mayor Hamm and the present and past members of the city council and I’m not afraid to ask questions nor afraid to make tough decisions.