Candidate Profile: Linda Hoppe

Candidate Linda Hoppe
Candidate Linda Hoppe

Name: Linda Hoppe

Age: 59


Town: Fairview Heights.

Office Seeking: Caseyville Township Trustee

Occupation: Accounts payable specialist.

Previous Offices: Fairview Heights alderman 2007-2011, Current member Fairview Heights Planning Commission.

Why I am running? I have attended township meetings in the past and witnessed the discord and lack of cooperation among the present trustees. Everyone seems to have their own political agenda and their only goal is to climb the political power ladder. If elected, I believe I can work to restore a common vision for the future and work to collaborate with others in achieving common goals. I did this when I served as alderman for the City of Fairview Heights (2007-2011), and I continue to do it as a volunteer member of the Fairview Heights Planning Commission.

What is your view on township government and its role? According to the Illinois Constitution, the primary purposes of township government are to provide general assistance to the truly indigent and to access real property, providing a base for local taxation. Here in St. Clair County, the role of assessing real property for the purpose of taxation has, by law, been taken over by St. Clair County. Therefore the role of Township Assessor should be abolished, thereby saving tax dollars for a job that is no longer needed. With 6,963, Illinois has the most local government entities in the nation. New York only has 3,453. Most of these have the authority to tax the citizens, which has led to a duplication of services, all paid for by the average taxpayer. This must stop.

What is the most important issues facing Caseyville Township? How would you approach it? In my mind, the most important issue facing Caseyville Township is the out-of-control spending on the part of the majority of the trustees. Against the wishes of the supervisor, they have spent almost $300,000 on unnecessary and extravagant projects. (i.e. new LED sign on Bunkum Road; new office furniture and an expensive conference table including new complimentary chairs; an unnecessary new pickup truck for office workers; top-of the line security system) This rate of spending must stop or else taxes will have to be raised.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? With this in mind, I feel it would be my responsibility, if elected, to review the various outreaches and programs presently funded by Caseyville Township taxpayer dollars. While most are commendable programs, we must work diligently to see if there are any duplication of services. Wherever possible, we should lead the way in partnering with other local government bodies and charitable organizations to continue offering these admirable services in the most cost-effective way possible.

Why should people vote for you? I hope people will vote for me because I will be an independent spokesperson who will work for the good of all the people. I will work tirelessly for fiscal responsibility, transparency in hiring, and term limits.