Candidate profile: Lauren O’Neill

Lauren O’Neill
Lauren O’Neill

Name: Lauren O’Neill

Age: 58

Immediate family members: My husband, John, and I have three adult children, Maureen, Michael, and Kevin.

Town: Swansea

Office seeking: Swansea village clerk (4-year term)

Occupation: Over 20 years, with 12-years’ current experience working for the same organization, I’m a contract specialist. I issue and manage acquisition contracts. I communicate with offerors, customers and managers so all participants are informed.

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Swansea village clerk, 2004 to present

Why are you running? I want to be involved in making our community better. Before being appointed and re-elected as your Swansea clerk I attended village meetings, and also facilitated Scouts and community youth to support Swansea meetings and events. Serving as your village clerk is an activity I enjoy. I want my more than 12 years’ experience as Swansea’s village clerk to continue to benefit Swansea residents, businesses and board members.

What is the most important issue facing the village of Swansea? How would you approach it? Ensuring resident and business concerns are heard and appropriately addressed is the most important issue facing Swansea. I will continue to listen to and document community concerns and request that they be appropriately addressed.

What are your qualifications to lead the village clerk’s office? I am well suited to continue as Swansea’s clerk having more than 12-years’ experience serving in the position. My skills and education support my desire to continue serving Swansea. I effectively communicate verbally and in writing, preparing minutes, election documents and other official Swansea correspondence. I obtain and explain State Election legal guidance serving as the village’s election officer, an important duty of the clerk. I can be trusted to prepare, review, certify and file village documents appropriately. I’ve written and submitted Swansea Report articles to encourage and recognize community involvement. I hold business administration degrees, including a masters, or MBA, which I earned while teaching undergraduate students. I am service minded. For 10 years, I volunteered as a Swansea Park Board member. I assisted with the planning and implementation of various programs. I’ve worked at Swansea’s Santa House and many Memorial Day events. I am a member of the Swansea Patriots, which supports park projects, and I have directly worked to improve our parks.

What are your plans to improve operations in the village clerk’s office? To improve village operations, I will continue to provide quality communications. The diverse views and topics impacting our community will be documented to allow for careful review and consideration of important issues facing our taxpayers and their representatives.

Why should people vote for you? When voters go to the polls, I’m asking them to re-elect me as their village clerk. I have more than 12 years’ experience as the clerk. I’ve participated in professional clerk seminars and classes and know how and where to obtain the answers needed for questions that arise. I’m service minded and have strong integrity, ethics and problem solving skills with 20 years’ work experience in industry, education and government. I work well on teams and facilitate decision making in groups holding diverse views. I will be able to work well the new Swansea board as I have worked with past Swansea board members. As your village clerk, I will strive to make Swansea a model community for other communities to emulate. I will continue to provide unsurpassed services to Swansea residents. I will encourage community involvement, work to keep the attributes of Swansea that make it great, and provide a voice of change when required.