Candidate profile: Talia Hyde-Person

Name: Talia Hyde-Person

Age: 44

Town: Alorton

Immediate family members: Spouse: John P. Person Sr.; Children: Beatrice Person; Hosea Person; Jonathan Person

Office seeking: Village of Alorton Trustee

Occupation: Podiatrist

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: None

Why are you running? I am running to bring programs to benefit the elderly and youth, restore the village morality, and hold the elected officials accountable for their actions. I want to ensure things are being done to benefit the citizens and not personal reasons.

What is the most important issue facing the village of Alorton? How would you approach it? The most important issue for the village is corruption. I will work to enforce the ordinances and make sure each board member is held accountable for their actions.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? 1. The most important aspect of a trustee’s duties is its fiduciary character.

2. A trustee is legally and morally bound to manage the village in a productive and responsible manner, and is under an absolute obligation to act solely for the benefit of the citizens of the village.

3. Her duties include but not limited to becoming fully acquainted with the ordinances of the village.

4. Act impartially and solely in the interest of the citizens of the Village of Alorton and manage the village in a prudent and business like manner.

How would keep costs down or reduce costs in your municipality? To keep costs down I will reduce unnecessary spending, discover what is working and what is not. Investigate ways to cut cost and increase revenue. Make sure businesses are current in their taxes and licenses.

In St. Clair County, there will be votes on two sales tax referendums. One would benefit school facility costs, one would benefit public safety. Do you support either or both of the referendums? Why or why not? I support the sales tax referendums because funds are necessary to ensure proper education is provided to all students. Increasing public safety is a concern for all our citizens in order for them to feel safe in their community.

Why should people vote for you? People should vote for me because I am dedicated to make the Village of Alorton a community that citizens will be proud to say they reside in. I will hold the office with high moral standards.