Candidate profile: Zane Fulp

Name: Zane Fulp

Age: 37

Home: Mascoutah

Family members: Kimberly Fulp (wife) Zoey and Mia Fulp (daughters)

Office seeking: Mascoutah School Board – District 19

Occupation: Asset Consultant for Edward Jones

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: N/A

Why are you running? Growing up in Mascoutah most of my life, I have developed a passion for our community, developing relationships throughout the community that I love and will treasure the rest of my life. Mascoutah, along with Scott Air Force Base, helped shape me into the person I am today. My wife and I recently moved back to the community to raise our two girls; it has always been our intention to afford them the opportunity of our wonderful school district. My goal is to help lead the continued success of the district so that our children and community reach its full potential. I’m committed to this position, our future — the kids — and our community. I want to hear the concerns of the parents, teachers, and citizens of the community along with all of the good.

What is your view on township government and its role? I believe the township and the district should have a good working relationship.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? A board member must listen to the community, and understand the values and concerns they have. They must have a good working relationship with the district office, faculty, and staff. The best interest of the kids and the community should always be at the forefront of each decision. Every board member must do their homework and be willing to ask the difficult questions at times but remember they are a part of a team. A board member owes it to the kids and the community to participate in professional development by committing the time and energy necessary to stay informed.

What is the most important issue facing Mascoutah 19? How would you approach it? I believe the most important issue facing the district at this time is possible tax rate increase for Mascoutah residents. This is a very touchy and important decision. The district must keep certain rates high to maintain eligibility for federally funded impact aid. As a member of the board, I believe they must weigh all sides of the issue. We must be good stewards of the district’s funds, while balancing the schools budget and true “needs” to remain one of the top districts in the area. I believe the balance of meeting the needs of the kids and community residents can be met! I also believe the possible one cent sales tax could be utilized if passed to lessen the burdens of the property owners and assist the school district with their needs.

How would you ensure township funds are appropriately spent? I believe a board member must trust the superintendent and the district office to do their job. But a member must do their homework and ask the questions before making any decisions. A board member must understand the goal of any initiative, cost associated, and the process to achieve the desired results. And be willing as a board, to hold the district accountable if not met.

Why should people vote for you? I believe my passion for our kids, community, and district is unmatched. I’m committed to keep each of those at the forefront of all decisions. I promise to listen to any concerns of the parents, community residents, and faculty members. This community made me into the husband and father that I am today. I want the opportunity to give back my love in any way I can. I have a vested interest as a father of two girls that will be in the district over the next decade and as a home owner in the community. I want to look out for the future of our community’s kids. My open mindedness, caring heart, ability to build relationships, communicate effectively, and financial background are all great strengths to help me be effective in this role.