Candidate profile: David Pierpoint

Name: David C Pierpoint

Age: 50

Home: Smithton

Family members: Jolene Pierpoint, wife, and Robert Pierpoint, son

Office you are seeking: Prairie Du Long Township Highway Commissioner

Occupation: Laborer Public Works Department / Parks Department City of Fairview Heights. Owner/Operator of Points Properties

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: None

Why are you running? I am running because I would like to serve the community by using my knowledge, and abilities to work with other township leaders and employees to maintain and improve roads and streets so as to provide for the safety of drivers, bicyclists, walkers and other commuters.

What is your view on township government and its role? Township government is the oldest form of government in the United States. Duties of township government include road and bridge maintenance, property assessment, and general assistance to the needy. Township governance assures that these duties are met on a local basis without having to rely on outside governance. This allows for needs to be addressed on the local level by elected leaders who live in the community and have a direct understanding of the needs and traditions of the people - whether they are living in a subdivision, on a rural road, or on a family farm. Township governance represents and is the voice of the community.

If you were writing a job description for this position, what would it say? The general purpose of the Highway Commissioner is responsibility for maintenance of roads in the township. This includes maintaining a safe and adequate infrastructure as well as planning for land use and community development. Duties include administrative work, maintenance and construction work, personnel management, and public relations. These duties are accomplished with the advice and support of township trustees, clerk, engineers, supervisor, employees, and — most importantly — the township residents.

The Commissioner receives complaints, ideas, and suggestions concerning township affairs; acts as an agent for township citizens with outside agencies or private firms; and represents the township’s communal interests. The Commissioner must have the ability to lead, learn, take suggestions, and accept direction.

What is the most important issue facing the township road district? How would you approach it? Making roads safe for drivers, bicyclists, walkers and other commuters is the most important issue facing our district. This includes reducing speeding on roads and streets and enforcing speed limits. I would approach this by meeting with community members, neighborhood associations, local law enforcement, and county and village engineers to evaluate potential education, enforcement and engineering measures to deter speeding and determine optimal speed limits.

Additionally, the impact of the new bridge along Probst Road over a tributary Richland Creek area is an important issue facing our township. While this is a necessary infrastructure improvement, there will certainly be some inconvenience to those who reside in the immediate area as well as to those who use this road. This would be addressed by evaluating the impact on these residents and commuters and addressing how to best meet their needs during the inconvenient construction time. Communication at every step in the construction process is essential.

Why should people vote for you? I am not an experienced politician, but I am a strong leader. I have the vision necessary to serve as Highway Commissioner. I genuinely care about the people in my community. I am willing to work for solutions with which everyone can live. I have a willingness to learn. I will listen to our community members. I will work to get things done correctly, efficiently, on budget, and with utmost safety. I will strive for transparency and will make every effort to be as open and forthright with the public as is possible