Candidate Profile: Steve Dutner

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Voters in Belleville and Southern Illinois have several important decisions to make on Nov. 6.
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Voters in Belleville and Southern Illinois have several important decisions to make on Nov. 6.

Name: Steve Dutner

Office seeking: Secretary of State

Party: Libertarian

Age: 41

City of residence: Elgin

Campaign website: SteveDutnerForIL.com

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? We have had nearly twenty years with the current Secretary of State and the people of Illinois are looking for fresh new ideas. My other opponent is advocating that the age to obtain a license be increased from age sixteen to age eighteen, preventing teenagers from earning an income, gaining new life skills, and getting to after-school activities.This would also put an additional strain on parents. I am offering a platform that considers all of your freedoms, all the time, and my only special interest is you. Believe in Steve on November 6th and vote to bring the Secretary of State’s office into the 21st century.

What qualifications do you have for this position? I have been involved in politics at the local level for nearly twenty years. I have fought against tax increases, spoken at board meetings, and have done a lot of activism for the betterment of my community. I am formerly the Activism Director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois and have received awards for outreach and the prestigious“Activist of the Year” award that is given out every year at our convention. I am a Hanover Township Committeeman, a State Organizing Committee representative for the Libertarian Party of Illinois (representing Dekalb County), the Vice Chair of the DuPage Libertarian Party, on the Convention Committee for our 2019 convention, and have been a member of the Fox Valley Libertarians since 1999. I have been on numerous campaign teams as a Campaign Coordinator. These campaigns included Julie Fox for Illinois Comptroller,Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller, and Kent McMillen for U.S. Senate. I was also recently elected the Secretary of my local Toastmasters and really enjoy speaking to an audience, which I consider the voters of Illinois.

What changes would you make to the Secretary of State’s office and why? The Secretary of State’s office is no different from any other government agency in Illinois when it comes to overspending and inefficiency. So how do we solve these issues?One way we can do this is by opening up Driver Services to the free market,presenting the consumer with more options. Eighteen states in the U.S. have either privatized or contracted out Driver Services. Since doing this, almost all of the states have experienced shorter wait times across the board and a lower cost per transaction for the consumer. In addition to saving costs by privatizing Driver Services, cutting wasteful spending on grants, and eliminating the front license plate requirement, I will look to cut down redundancies between the Secretary of State police and the other ten state police agencies. Although House Bill 394 allows advertising on the Secretary of State’s publications, it still limits who can advertise. Recently, the Libertarian Party Comptroller Candidate Claire Ball won a case allowing the medical marijuana industry to donate to campaigns. With medical marijuana being legal in Illinois, and full legalization of right around the corner, there is no reason why a legitimate business like this should not be able to advertise.Government should abstain from the crony capitalism of picking and choosing with whom they do business. Although I am using the marijuana industry as an example, other legitimate businesses are also forbidden from advertising. The Secretary of State’s Office is responsible for investigating identity theft.Traveling around Illinois, citizens have told me their concerns over protecting their privacy, especially after seeing Equifax get hacked. I would like to make use of “air gap” technology and make the entire Secretary of State’s office PCI compliant.

What is the most important issue facing the Secretary of State’s office? How would you handle it? Modernization. We need to utilize newer technology to assist in privatizing Driver Services, to update the website, to automate more transactions, to protect identities, and to make sure everything is up-to-date and secure.

Would you term limit yourself? If so, how many terms? Absolutely. I will not go beyond eight years in office.