Candidate Profile: Jay Hoffman

Name: Jay C. Hoffman

Office seeking: State Representative — 113th District

Party: Democratic

Age: 56

City of residence: Swansea

Campaign website: www.jayhoffman.com

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I want to continue to give back to my community in a way that provides a Metro East for residents to live, work, receive a quality education and raise a family. Serving as a state representative allows me the opportunity to make a difference. I have worked hard on projects in the metro-east bringing critical funding and creating jobs in our area. I have, and will continue, to fight for our school districts in comparison to school districts in the rest of the state. Also, I will continue to work with municipalities and organizations to fund and strengthen public transportation, infrastructure and parks. My leadership and experience allow me to work effectively for our district. During my time in the General Assembly I have worked across party lines to continue providing opportunities for our area.

Who will you support for Speaker of the House and why? Since we are in the middle of an election campaign, it would be presumptuous to assume victory. It is too early to speculate as to who will be running, however, I will be voting in favor of a candidate who will stand-up for working families, help provide access to affordable healthcare, provide adequate educational funding, and will work with me to address the needs of the metro-east.

What is your position on organized labor and the Janus decision striking down the requirement for public sector workers to pay fair share fees even if they don’t want to? I believe the Janus decision goes against years of judicial precedent and will be harmful to the rights and benefits of working families.

What is your stance on expanding gambling in Illinois? I have always been a proponent of ensuring the viability of places like Fairmount Park Racetrack and I supported and will continue to support expansion of slot machines to the racetrack.

Illinois roads are in disrepair. How would you approach this problem? How would you pay for it? I am a proponent of a jobs/infrastructure program for Illinois. This would provide money for roads, bridges, schools, universities and other infrastructure projects. We have not had a substantial infrastructure program in Illinois since 2009. We must address our declining infrastructure in order to ensure continued growth and economic development.

What else should be done to address the ongoing opioid epidemic? I have been in favor of a series of pieces of legislation that attempted to address this epidemic. This includes the enhancement of penalties for illegally providing opioids to others. I also supported the legalization of medical marijuana, which I believe can help reduce opioid addiction for extremely ill persons.

What should Illinois’ income tax system look like? What rates would you want to see? How would those rates affect the state’s revenues? I am in favor of allowing the voters the right to determine whether there should be a constitutional amendment allowing for a progressive income tax. This would ensure that millionaires pay their fair share of state taxes while reducing taxes on the middle-class and lower wage earners.

Would you term limit yourself? If so, how many terms? I believe in the election process and that voters should be allowed to decide who represents them.