Candidate profile: Arthur Asadorian

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Voters in Belleville and Southern Illinois have several important decisions to make on Nov. 6.
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Voters in Belleville and Southern Illinois have several important decisions to make on Nov. 6.

Name: Arthur Asadorian

Office seeking: Madison County Board District 21

Party: Democrat

Age: 67

City of residence: Granite City

Campaign website: https://www.facebook.com/ArtAsadorianForMadisonCounty/?ref=bookmarks

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? So that I may continue to do the good work that the citizens of Madison County deserve. My proven results include: * Savings Taxpayers Money - Over the last 7 years, I have voted 3 times to lower the tax rate paid to the county, all while maintaining a balanced budget. * By repairing levees with no property tax increase, we have saved citizens and businesses millions of dollars in potential flood insurance rates. * I continue to work toward the establishment of a no-kill animal shelter in Madison County. This shelter will be the first no-kill county shelter in the state of Illinois. * Constantly working with the County Inspection Department on cleaning up derelict properties, and maintaining proper zoning laws. * Working with our County Sheriff’s department to protect the citizens of our district by ridding our county of drug houses.

How will you keep property taxes low? By maintaining a balanced budget and working to attract new residents and businesses to Madison County to share in the tax burden.

What is something the board should be doing, but isn’t doing right now? Madison County’s greatest asset for economic development is our geographic location. Our administration is not prioritizing this to the degree they should be. This should be our priority so we may continue to create jobs and other opportunities for our residents.

Since December 2016, Madison County Board meetings have jumped from lasting an average of 36 minutes to an average of one hour and 11 minutes. Is this an efficient use of time? Why or why not? I believe it is a necessary use of our time. Issues arise from time to time, which require deeper discussion among our board members. This helps us ascertain the intent and mission of our leadership, and work to protect the citizens of Madison County.