Candidate profile: John ‘Eric’ Foster

Name: John “Eric” Foster

Office seeking: Madison County Board District 21

Party: Republican

Age: 52

City of residence: Granite City

Campaign website: N/a

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? It’s time to systematically change the landscape of attracting new business in Madison County. Everyone benefits with a strong local business foundation.

How will you keep property taxes low? Expanding the business dynamics of a community directly affects the success of community through increased opportunities for taxpayers and also relieves the burden on taxpayers through increased revenue streams

What is something the board should be doing, but isn’t doing right now? To answer that question without having all the information that is accessible by the current board would show incompetence on my behalf. Decisions should be made after reviewing all of the data involved. However, I would like to review the efficiency and effectiveness of all programs when elected to ensure the taxpayers are being afforded what they are paying for

Since December 2016, Madison County Board meetings have jumped from lasting an average of 36 minutes to an average of one hour and 11 minutes. Is this an efficient use of time? Why or why not? Longer meetings cost the taxpayers the same as short meetings. Whatever time is needed to debate or discuss issues is not an issue to me