Candidate profile: Phil Henning

Name: Phillip “Phil” W Henning

Office seeking: St. Clair County Board of Review

Party: Republican

Age: 67

City of residence: Smithton

Campaign website: Facebook: “Phillip Phil Henning for Board of Review”

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? My wife’s family has farmed in St Clair County since the 1880s. This is a great area with rich soil to farm, hard workers who are patriotic and want the best for their families and children. Madeline and I moved back here 18 years ago after I retired from the Air Force at the Pentagon. It’s our home but we must improve our county. When I was gathering petitions last Fall, I heard from folks from all walks of life how high our taxes are. Although the BOR cannot lower your taxes, I pledge to give everyone a fair and equal review of their property assessment. I’ll never forget the lady who was almost in tears in O’Fallon as I spoke with her wondering how she could afford to stay in her home given her property tax bill. I seek the support from Democrats, Independents and Republicans. To my fellow Republicans, you have a full slate of candidates and you must turn out to vote. I personally gathered over 250 of my signatures, I’ve walked in six parades and have attended public events to get my message out. I’ve run a shoe-string campaign. I pledge to not take county provided health insurance nor will I participate in a pension fund. That will save about $17,000 to the taxpayers.

What qualifications do you have to be on the Board of Review? At my own expense I attended the “Introduction to Illinois Property Assessment’ three day course in Normal in April. I also have 10 years experience through my job with Brink’s Incorporated in working with developers and union trades in building Brink’s branches. I learned the value of commercial property in areas around the country. I also attended a 40 hour course in “Finance for Business Executives” at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and I took a 12 week on-line course in Project Management through Villanova University. I hold a masters degree from Michigan State University.

What is the biggest issue facing the Board of Review? How would you handle it? I believe the biggest issue with the Board is balancing our county government with equal representation in all elements of St Clair County Government. I’ll bring my knowledge of real property and finance to the Board. The one thing I won’t do is forget the hundreds of people I’ve spoken to one-on-one in parades, festivals and going door-to-door on my own. I won’t let you down.