Candidate profile: Susan Presswood

Name: Susan Presswood

Office seeking: Madison County Board District 16

Party: Independent

Age: 52

City of residence: Pontoon Beach

Campaign website: At this time I have not set one up however if I would win that would be the first thing I would do to keep my supporters updated

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I am running so I am better able to help and support the community I have lived in for 52 years. My knowledge of the American bottoms and the importance of the watershed should ensure the community that I am running to help solve the issues we all face. Local flooding and the requirement of money that are mandated to buy expensive flood insurance are unnecessary. I can help make a difference

How will you keep property taxes low? The knowledge of running a business for over 30 years will help me greatly in this position. I will use the citizens tax dollars wisely and they will go further.

What is something the board should be doing, but isn’t doing right now? They need to learn to work together on all issues

Since December 2016, Madison County Board meetings have jumped from lasting an average of 36 minutes to an average of one hour and 11 minutes. Is this an efficient use of time? Why or why not? Time spent should not be a factor when it comes to making a decision. The board should take all the time needed to get their job done. It is also important for meetings to conclude with the decision and not come back on the same issues taking even more time.