Candidate profile: Jana Moll

Name: Jana Moll

Office seeking: St. Clair County Board District 19

Party: Democrat

Age: 62

City of residence: Belleville

Campaign website: None

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I’m running for the county board because I think we need a change after 20 years of the same representation. Our district is much different than it was 20, 10 or even five years ago. I would like to be the change we need on the county board. Voters should know that the biggest issue in our district, Green Mount Road, will be my top priority. I’ll fight for the improvements that will relieve the congestion and make the intersections safer. It’s time for our district to have someone who will work with both sides and be a positive force rather than one who throws up obstacles to moving our area forward.

St. Clair County’s health fund is $3.3 million in debt, according to its most recent audit. The debt has increased over the last two years. What measures would you support to reduce the debt? If you watch the news or read the papers you know that healthcare costs have gone up and that includes health insurance. I know, personally, how a major health issue can affect healthcare coverage and I’m sure there have been fluctuations in the county’s health fund because of catastrophic illnesses. I’m supportive of the county’s reaching out to consultants who specialize in containing health insurance costs and look forward to learning more about their suggestions. In the meantime, I believe the county is doing its part by providing wellness programs that are essential to identifying potential healthcare problems before they become major illnesses.

What is your position on the oversight of MidAmerica Airport? Would you change anything? If so, what? I base the quality of the oversight on the results I’m seeing and reading about. The airport has, no pun intended, taken off. I saw that it broke a record with 300,000 passengers and that’s very impressive. The fact that revenues for the airport are up is very positive. Not sure why I would want to change the oversight if it is working this well.

St. Clair County board meetings last an average of 30 minutes, according to a review of meeting minutes from the last two years. Some committee meetings for the most part last less than 15 minutes. Is this enough time for county board members to conduct county business and earn a $19,419 salary? Why or why not? I don’t think you can judge the quality of a board meeting by adding up the total minutes spent in meetings and averaging them out. Is the board taking care of the business of St. Clair County? Yes. Are the meetings run professionally and are they productive? I’ve attended the meetings and it’s a yes to both. As for the salary, board members are not hourly employees. Their pay isn’t based on time spent in meetings. It’s similar to teaching – something I know about. The work doesn’t stop when you leave the building. Board members carry the responsibility of taking care of their constituents 24/7. They get calls at all hours, they get stopped at the grocery store or a restaurant and asked for help. They take care of their community and I don’t know that you can place a value on that.

County revenue has been declining in recent years. How should revenues be increased or do services have to be cut? Why? Our STATE has been declining in recent years because of the current administration. It has had a profound effect on counties all over Illinois. Unfunded mandates, administrative fees and the over $15 billion in unpaid bills owed by the state to local county services have hurt St. Clair County.

The county has had to work doubly-hard to deal with these burdensome roadblocks put up by the state. But they have done a good job of cutting where needed, and that includes the number of employees working at the county. I think they’ve made smart decisions that have saved money without having to cut services resident have come to expect.