Candidate Profile: LaToya Greenwood

Name: LaToya N. Greenwood

Office seeking: State Representative - 114th District

Party: Democrat

Age: 44

City of residence: East St. Louis

Campaign website: On Facebook at Friends of LaToya Greenwood

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I want to continue to be a strong voice for the constituents of the 114th District. I understand that our state is facing serious challenges and it is important that we work together for solutions. In order to help improve the quality of life in our communities, I will be an advocate for job growth in our area while fighting to bring back funding from Springfield. I will also continue to work hard to make our neighborhoods safer, improve educational opportunities for our children, and make government more accessible to the public. It will be a privilege and an honor to represent the 114th District and I am committed to working on behalf of our communities’ best interest.

Who will you support for Speaker of the House and why? At this time, I do not know who the individuals are that are interested in the position of Speaker.

What is your position on organized labor and the Janus decision striking down the requirement for public sector workers to pay fair share fees even if they don’t want to? I support organized labor and recognize the importance of their role in our labor force. It is because of organized labor that we have better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. The Janus decision will damage not only organized labor, but the working labor force.

What is your stance on expanding gambling in Illinois? I would have to take a closer look at this issue. I am a strong advocate for The Casino Queen in East St. Louis and I would definitely need to research the pros and cons of the effect that expansion would have on the 114th District.

Illinois roads are in disrepair. How would you approach this problem? How would you pay for it? If we are going to create jobs, infrastructure is hugely important to the state. If we want to attract new businesses and keep existing businesses here, we have to have quality infrastructure. A infrastructure bill is needed that will address the issue of disrepair.

What else should be done to address the ongoing opioid epidemic? I know that the 100th General Assembly has addressed the opioid epidemic with various pieces of legislation, many of which I am a sponsor. However, work remains to be done in areas that will ensure insurance companies cover addiction treatment fairly and additional focus to remove barriers to mental health and substance abuse treatment and recovery.

What should Illinois’ income tax system look like? What rates would you want to see? How would those rates affect the state’s revenues? There needs to be a realistic and honest dialogue about our tax income system. Most importantly, more contribution should come from those who can afford it and less from those Illinoisans who are struggling. I like the idea of a progressive tax, but the people of Illinois should determine that.

Would you term limit yourself? If so, how many terms? We have elections that determine term limits.