Candidate profile: Steve Reeb

Name: Steve Reeb

Office seeking: St. Clair County Board District 13

Party: Republican

Age: 59

City of residence: Shiloh

Campaign website: None

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? Having served on the county board since 2000, I truly enjoy the privilege of serving our neighborhoods - it is the essence of being a board member. Many times over the years my neighbors and I have stood together on zoning issues for the good of the district. Also, running as a Republican has always meant I vote in the interest of our families, not a political party or the county machine. Being a watchdog for our families’ tax dollars - and continuing tax abatements - is an equal priority.

St. Clair County’s health fund is $3.3 million in debt, according to its most recent audit. The debt has increased over the last two years. What measures would you support to reduce the debt? Along with cutting down on government waste in the budget (which I scrutinize each year and bring up), we have to generate more revenue in the county rather than crushing our residents with higher property taxes due to TIFs, etc. Creating a welcoming business atmosphere and attracting new companies, jobs, and subsequently, residents is a smart strategy that can be built upon. It really starts at the top, as the perception (and reality) of Illinois needs to change. I do believe that’s apparent to many of us.

What is your position on the oversight of MidAmerica Airport? Would you change anything? If so, what? I have always believed that MidAmerica Airport should be under the control of the county board as opposed to the Public Building Commission. In face, as recently as 2016, I co-sponsored a resolution on the matter which failed along party lines. Taxpayers are paying for it, we as board members represent the taxpayers, so it should be our responsibility.

St. Clair County board meetings last an average of 30 minutes, according to a review of meeting minutes from the last two years. Some committee meetings for the most part last less than 15 minutes. Is this enough time for county board members to conduct county business and earn a $19,419 salary? Why or why not? I have voted to freeze our salaries (which they are till 2021) for years and will continue to do so. My fulfillment of working as a county board member comes from serving; much analysis and footwork is done before and afterward to come to our meetings well-prepared. Just as important is serving my district on zoning matters and being independent on voting matters (in the interest of all residents).

County revenue has been declining in recent years. How should revenues be increased or do services have to be cut? Why? I will refer to my answer on #9 on this question, along with continued scrutiny and discussion on the budget.