Here’s how to get election results from BND.com and the News-Democrat newspaper

What you need to know for Election Day

If you waited until Election Day to cast your ballot, here are the important things you need to know.
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If you waited until Election Day to cast your ballot, here are the important things you need to know.

If you need examples of why a BND subscription is worth your money, look no further than our coverage plans for Tuesday’s election and the useful information about candidates that we’ve posted at bnd.com and printed over the past couple weeks.

The BND has the largest news gathering staff in Southern Illinois, and we plan to use virtually every journalist for Tuesday’s coverage.

The best way to get the latest results of key local, regional and state races is to visit bnd.com. We’ll post and frequently update results throughout the evening after polls close at 7 p.m.

For print, a later-than-usual deadline will allow us to get some results in the Wednesday Belleville News-Democrat. We are devoting almost the entire A-section to local, regional, state and national election coverage.

The ExtraExtra section, a bonus e-edition available to subscribers through bnd.com, will include expanded coverage of election results from all over the country, featuring work from our Washington Bureau.

If you haven’t voted in advance and need more information about the candidates, we have it for you.

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The candidate information — collected, edited and organized by our journalists — includes more than 100 profiles. Each profile lists basic information on the candidate, plus his or her position on key issues.

Subscribers can access this information in three different formats. The easiest way is to use bnd.com. Just click on the link for each candidate under the headline “Get to know the candidates running to represent Southern Illinois in the 2018 election” or click on the e-edition, a replica of the printed BND, and find the races in which you are interested. All of these profiles have appeared in the e-edition and been printed in the daily newspaper during the past two weeks.

So let’s go back to where we started this column — the value of subscribing to the BND.

Our election and campaign coverage is an example of local journalism that you cannot get anywhere else.

We spend considerable resources providing this coverage because it’s part of our public service mission. Doing high quality, local journalism is expensive, and we cannot do it without you. Your willingness to invest in this coverage by subscribing makes this work possible.

Our introductory subscription rate for unlimited digital access to our website, the eEdition and our mobile and tablet apps is $1.99 for the first month. Just go to bnd.com to sign up.

Thank you for supporting our work, and thanks for reading the BND and visiting bnd.com.

Jeffry Couch, editor and general manager of the BND, can be reached at jcouch@bnd.com.