Candidate profile: Paul Durr

What you need to know about the April 2019 election

The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.
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The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.

Name: Paul F Durr

Age: 43

Town: Caseyville

Occupation: Electrician

Position seeking: Village Trustee

Campaign website: www.paulfdurr.com

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I am running because I believe Caseyville is in need of a fresh perspective to help with the affairs of the community. Someone who is not connected to any one individual and obligated to all!

I believe the citizens should vote for me because my interests lies with theirs as a neighbor and a taxpayer I can relate with everyday issues and empathize with their needs.

What is the most important issue facing your town? How would you approach it? I feel growth is a major concern. According to statistics our population has experienced an outflow. As a representative I feel its my job to find ways of bringing the population back allowing for greater revenue and more jobs closer to home. Our community is a major thoroughfare between shopping districts. I would like to see those travelers stop, look and around and want to live here!

Under what circumstances, if any, would you raise taxes or fees in the municipality? Please explain. Only under extreme circumstances could I vote yes for raising taxes! The problem in most communities is spending, not revenue. Fiscal responsibility and logical decisions can find ways to allocate funds for needed expenditures. The taxpayers should never be held accountable for higher costs at the hands of management mishandling.

Crime has been an issue in parts of the metro-east. What is the best way to stop the problem in and around your community? Our community is surrounded by vast rural areas outside our boundaries. We have a high rate of assistance calls that require the loss of police protection within our borders. Correspondence with surrounding communities law enforcement as well as County Sheriff Deputies and try and work together to keep our resources closer to home. Annexation of these surrounding areas to help fund our community can benefit. Also would like to work with community leaders to form and grow a volunteer neighborhood watch program where every citizen can feel safe on every street!