Candidate Profile: Nathan Parchman

What you need to know about the April 2019 election

The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.
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The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.

Name: Nathan Parchman

Age: 34

Town: O’Fallon

Occupation: Wealth Advisor

Position Seeking: O’Fallon Alderman - Ward 7

Campaign website: https://www.facebook.com/parchmanforalderman/

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I am running because I have a passion for my community, and our citizens. In O’Fallon I take pride in giving back as much of my time that is possible. I coach youth sports, I’m active in the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador, I’m a member of the Rotary Club of O’Fallon and served on the board for 4 years, and my children attend the wonderful public school system that we are fortunate to have in our city. When I moved jobs a few years back one of my goals was to remain employed in O’Fallon because I care about helping this community. My service about self track record within O’Fallon is why I believe I should earn our citizen’s votes.

What is the most important issue facing your town? How would you approach it? The biggest issue facing our town is an issue that many cities would be happy to have. Extremely quick growth! It’s putting a burden on the city to keep up with water, sewer, roads, etc... My approach to this issue will be to work with the city staff to try and plan ahead. Sometimes growth has to come before infrastructure, but when it’s possible to plan ahead, I will work hard to push for this without putting burdens on our citizens through higher taxes.

Under what circumstances, if any, would you raise taxes or fees in the municipality? Please explain. One of the only circumstances that I’d consider raising any taxes in O’Fallon would be if our citizens felt their safety was at risk and we needed to beef up our Public Safety budget. From our track record though, O’Fallon has for years kept the community safe and surveys again and again have backed those results too.

Crime has been an issue in parts of the metro-east. What is the best way to stop the problem in and around your community? The best way to stop the crime problem in our city is to have the best Cheif of Police in the state of Illinois. With Cheif Van Hook just getting awarded that, our city is in very good hands and he goes above and beyond the call of duty as do his officers to keep our town safe. Safety is a very high priority now, and if elected I’ll ensure that stay the same.