Candidate profile: Randy Tedesco

What you need to know about the April 2019 election

The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.
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The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.

Name: Randy Tedesco

Age: 48

Town: Village of Swansea

Occupation: Chief Building Official

Position Seeking: Village Trustee

Campaign website: Tedesco for Swansea Trustee on Facebook

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I’m running for Village Trustee to bring an informed fresh voice to our village council and shape the future of our community. Swansea is a special place to live, work and raise a family. I have the experience, problem-solving skills and vision to give our community a brighter future. After working for the village of Swansea for 13 years, I am familiar with day to day operations. This will be beneficial when budgeting, planning or staffing needs to be addressed. I will always consider the tax payer’s money when serving the Village and hope to utilize it in a way that keeps Swansea progressing as a community.

What is the most important issue facing your town? How would you approach it? For years Swansea has been labeled a “bedroom community”. The need to attract more tax revenue producing businesses is essential. When employed by Swansea as Building & Zoning Director, I brought people together, found solutions and helped bring in new businesses. Because I had several other duties, it prevented me from focusing on development full time. The need for a full time senior planner/economic director is key to the village’s future success. In 2017, after 22 years, a new comprehensive master plan was completed. The village of Swansea has invested tax payer’s money to this project and it needs to be followed.

Under what circumstances, if any, would you raise taxes or fees in the municipality? Please explain. No one wants to hear that their taxes are going to be increased. I would not be able to make a promise that this would never be considered. Taxes are increased when there is a need that cannot be fulfilled with the municipalities current income. Tax money is primarily used to maintain a quality infrastructure, a sound school system and insuring citizen safety. If it were necessary to consider increasing taxes to meet the demands of a growing community- know that I would be an advocate for exhausting all other possibilities. Alternative solutions would always be considered before raising taxes.

Crime has been an issue in parts of the metro-east. What is the best way to stop the problem in and around your community? I believe our current law enforcement administration is handling their duties in a very professional manor. Using available media tools to inform residences of possible dangers is an excellent concept.