Candidate profile: Cress Morr

Name: Cress Morr

Age: 50

Town: Columbia

Occupation: Account Analyst

Position seeking: School Board Member

Campaign website: Columbia2019.org

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? People should vote for me because I provide great insight that no other candidate or current board member can offer. I worked for the CUSD4 for 12 years as a secretary, special education aide, coach, union secretary, union president, and union contract negotiator. I have been in the trenches with teachers and I have helped educate many special education students. My experience can offer change and improvements in many different areas including curriculum.

What are the most important issues the school district faces, and how would you approach them? I feel the most important issue our district faces is in the area of curriculum, which affects every student. Many of our textbooks are almost 20 years old and our technology needs to continue to grow. My approach would be to invest in a curriculum coordinator and provide our teachers the best classroom resources available.

Under what circumstances would you vote to raise property taxes? Raising property taxes would be an absolute last resort. The only circumstance I would consider raising taxes would be to hire more teachers in an effort to keep classroom sizes down.

What are your goals for the district/what do you want to accomplish? My goal for the district is to improve our curriculum and technology. In order to better prepare our students for their futures, we need to invest in textbooks and more technology. Whether our children are entering the workforce right after high school or preparing for college, we need to provide them the best resources available during their time at CUSD4.

What is your position on the proposed increase in minimum wage for teachers in Illinois? School boards are elected to insure the financial health of the school district. Mandates that take oversight for that financial planning out of the elected school boards review is not a positive to a district like ours.