Candidate profile: Brian McGuire

What you need to know about the April 2019 election

The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.
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The 2019 municipal election is April 2. Here are some key dates and times you need to know if you're planning to vote.

Name: Brian McGuire

Age: 41

Town: Swansea

Occupation: VP Operations and Safety

Position Seeking: Village Of Swansea Trustee

Why are you running and why should people vote for you? I’m seeking re-election to continue the progress our current board has accomplished. We have seen some economic growth, we have started infrastructure improvements to our sewers and roads. We are growing and improving our parks and bike trails. We are expanding and remodeling our Police Dept.’s building. We are holding people accountable for their property maintenance. Vote for me if you want to keep improving Swansea.

What is the most important issue facing your town? How would you approach it? Finances are almost every towns most Important issue everyone wants the basic services plus more for their taxes. If we keep planning out our financial obligations and plan how to pay for them we will have less surprises like equipment failures. We also need to keep actively looking at how to bring and keep business in Swansea to help our sales tax base.

Under what circumstances, if any, would you raise taxes or fees in the municipality? Please explain. Every year taxes go up at every taxing level. People get raises, services cost more, equipment maintenance and equipment replacement has to be done. Every year the basic items cost more. We have been Adjusting our fee’s recently because most haven’t been adjusted for 20 plus years. You can’t go 20 years without raising fee’s it doesn’t cover costs for the staff to perform their jobs. If I would vote to raise taxes for anything Specific it would be for public safety or park improvements

Crime has been an issue in parts of the metro-east. What is the best way to stop the problem in and around your community? I’m not a Police Officer but I would say they need more well trained help. These local police dept’s all run typically at their minimum staffing levels do to budget constraints. You really need to tie this questions in with taxes what are people willing to pay for?